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A cinematic gift for the New Year from the School Sisters of Notre Dame

13+1 silver jubilarian school sisters from Hungary took part in the International Renewal Program in Rome and in locations related to the foundation of the Congregation in Austria and Bavaria, in the summer of 2016. In this cheerful short film, the sisters would like to share their experiences during the rich program of the event, and to wish everyone for this New Year a lot of joy and persistence in their profession.



Caroline 1. - "All that is good, starts small"

First part of the series on the life of Blessed M. Theresa Gerhardinger (born as Caroline Gerhardinger), foundress of the congregation of School Sisters of Notre Dame.
The creators based the story on historical documents, adding elements of fiction where necessary.

Also available in German and Hungarian (Part 2 in Hungarian: Karolina 2.)


About our South Mátra Mission for the poor:

School Sisters of Notre Dame

The School Sisters of Notre Dame are an international congregation of women religious. The Hungarian Province ministers in three countries (Hungary, Romania, Serbia) with 63 sisters, 35 associates and nearly 600 coworkers in various institutions and missions.

 „As members of an international congregation, we recognize our obligation and opportunities to develop a world vision and a sense of global responsibility. Our internationality challenges us to witness to unity in a divided world; to discover unsuspected ways of sharing what we have, especially with the poor and marginalized; and to search for new channels of service in the universal church.”
(You are Sent, Constitution 26)

South-Matra Mission

Right now we have four sisters doing charitable work in three villages of the South-Mátra (Markaz, Halmajugra, Vécs), involving volunteer work from locals, students of our institutions, friends and supporters, and in collaboration with local civil organizations. The ministry is multilateral, includes a great variety of activities, each responding to a specific need of the residents of the villages

  • Markaz: the „Röptető” (’Aviary’) community center hosts summer day camps for Roma children of the neighboring villages. Other cultural events involve local citizens and the whole Hungarian Province, sisters and coworkers alike (summer art workshops, concerts, vocational trainings);
  • In our center set up in Halmajugra local children from the age 5 to 13 get after-school coaching, special education, religious education. This year we have a sister living and working there full-time, she also does pastoral care for the Roma families of the village;
  • In Vécs we also organize cultural events, literature workshops and summer day camps for the children regularly. In 2014 we started sewing classes for local women and youth, on sewing machines donated by the Province, this initiative evolved into the Manufactory of Notre Dame

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